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Welcome to Institute of Allied Health Jamaica

We are an allied health school, which vows to foster individuals in becoming health care professionals who are competent in their profession to create a positive impact in the health care field across the globe.

This Is Your First Step in joining our phenomenal team.

As an innovative learning institution, we seek to enable our students to excel to the best of their abilities. And this means providing an environment conducive to learning and focusing on our student’s strengths while overcoming any weaknesses. We are also resolute in helping our student’s to be more than competent in their profession so that they will be fully versed in creating a positive impact in the healthcare field across the globe.

Institute of Allied Health Jamaica

Core Values

Reflected in our exemplary conduct and the advancement of education, research and student enhancement
For every individual we encounter, regardless of sex, religion, race, orientation or class
Embraced in the high standards of our ethical behaviour and model moral character
Reflected in our actions to show we appreciate all individuals
Manifested in mutual communication and collaboration

Vision Statement

  • Provide educational programs for students to gain a passion for health care.
  • Develop students into health care professionals who are lifelong learners.
  • Develop students to provide the highest quality in compassionate care.
  • Develop students who will serve in the best traditions of their profession.
  • Conduct collaborative research to improve the practice of health care.
  • Ensure the highest ethical and professional standards in all our endeavours.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare caring and innovative health care professionals to be competent in addressing the evolving health care needs in an ever-changing world, through excellent teaching methods, an invigorating learning environment and the dissemination of quality information.